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Hall Of Recognition Honored Members
Ted Chase tedc@nipissingu.ca Greetings! We know you haven’t heard anything from us for quite a while, and we understand if you’ve been wondering about the status of the organization. Our intention here is to bring you up-to-date and hopefully ease any concerns you may have been feeling. The truth is, following the election of the new board in 2017, there were a couple of setbacks, but, after many months of inactivity and nothing significant to report, we are now back on track and moving forward. We can assure you that the Hall of Recognition (HoR) is healthy, and that its mandate and activities will continue. Our current board membership, which will remain in place until the next annual general meeting, consists of:         Interim President – Ted Chase         Vice-President – Dean Belanger         Secretary – Mike Perreault         Treasurer – Darren Denomme         Members-At-Large – Jim Sasyniuk, Jake Thomas, Karen Wickett Regular board meetings have recommenced. We met in February and March, and will meet again in April. Because considerable time was lost, we felt that organizing an induction ceremony for 2019 would not be feasible, but planning has already started for a June 2020 event. Venues are currently being explored and nominations considered, and final decisions on both will be made very soon. Other matters being undertaken by the board include: Reaching out to the members to provide an update (as shown by this message); Consideration of how HoR membership is best defined and managed, going forward; Taking better advantage of our website and facebook page to raise HoR’s profile in the community and promote its activities; and Reviewing and revising our constitution and by-laws, to bring them up-to-date and in line with recent practice. We hope this communication has set your mind at ease that things are under control and back on track. Should you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to Ted Chase (tedc@nipissingu.ca Ted Chase  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------