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President’s Message

Welcome to the North Bay Entertainers’ Hall of Recognition. For those who may not know, “the Hall” is a non-profit organization with two primary objectives: (i) to recognize musicians and entertainers from the North Bay area for the enjoyment they have brought and continue to bring, and for their significant artistic contributions locally and beyond; and (ii) to seek ways to encourage and assist up-and-coming or aspiring performers in the region.

Every two years or so, we invite nominations from which a new group of inductees is selected and announced. An induction ceremony is held in their honour, and their plaques are added to those already on display at the North Bay Mall. Click on the Inductees by year links to learn about our many deserving honorees to date, or browse through our History & Videos archives.

The webpage also includes new features. The most recent posts on the Hall’s companion Facebook page can be found immediately below the Inductees links, and under that is an e-mail contact form where you can leave your comments or questions. We have a new board and a ton of new members and several new initiatives in progress. The Hall of Recognition is alive and well!

Jordan Wyshniowsky, President